proof of residence / broken surfboard

Today we went to Ala Moana shoppingcenter to buy a Internet provider. Before we used our neighbours Internet but it is getting annoying that it doesnt work sometimes. In America you need a “proof of residence” to be able to get Internet. And of course they dont accept apartment contracts(always talking about their policies) and we dont have any electronic or gas bills which can proof that we live here. So the only way we are able to solve it is that Sarah goes to a Bank here in Honolulu and get a bank statement with our adress on it. So if Sarah wouldnt have lived with us it would have been impossible to get Internet here. The reason why they need the “proof of residence” is because we rent the Internet equitment from the company, we asked if we could pay a deposit but it was not possible according to their policies… yeye, not the best system but hopefully it will work out well so we have it next week…

Yesterday we went to the first friday of the month party in downtown Honolulu, it was fun, but as usual a lot of Scandinaviens! I wonder where all the Americans are? We were in a club which is called Nextdoor, and half of the club is outside, I like to have the sky as roof and it feels more fresch! :)

Here are two pictures with me and my broken surfboard… I havnt repaired it yet but I got all the things I need to repair it now… First I have to make the holes and surranding clean, then put on something that looks like glue in the holes and then put it in the sun for around 3 minutes so that it will get hard and finally use sandpaper to make it look good and become smoothly.

If someone would like to send me something(I do like presents:), my american adress is:

Anders Vastfalt
1684 Ala Moana Blvd.
Apartment 1052
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815