Movie of the week is back :)

Yesterday i moved into an own apartment, im totally satisfied! So today i been unpacking my luggage and made the room cozy :) I will write more about it in my next blog post. While i been arranging the room i been listen to the new Robyn album, body talk part 2. I think i like the body talk part 1 album better but still nice and something new. I”m really becoming a fan! But for the movie of the week i will give you one of her old songs, an amazing live performance at the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008, enjoy!

I am still alive!

Today it is one year since the last time I updated this blog. Just want everyone to know that I am still alive! ^^

To celebrate the first post in one year here comes my favorite youtube video at the moment. It is a parody of The Lonely Planet – I am on a boat. Enjoy!

And by the way, I am probably going to University of California, Davis this Fall. Then I will for sure be more frequent with updates! Bye for now!

Movie of the week – Piratbay

In Hawaii we dont hear much about the IPRED but i guess it is a big question in Sweden now? Is this rule really going to change anyway, i dont think so? This movie from Piratebay is 1year old but still interesting and in English. Piratebay became 5years old in November and have over 20million users.

apple commercial

One of the best advertistments ever… There is one way to do things and there is a better way!

This weekend I have seen the two Zeitgeist movies. They are both available online, I like part1 and part3 from the first movie and more or less the whole second movie, the part from the venece project is maybe too detailed in the second movie. I recommend all thinkers and all people who wants to see the world from another perspective to see this one, it is about society, who has the power and why! Go to to see them from free.

nobody fucks with John McCain :)

I must first tell what happened to me today! I went to Jack In The Box (like mcdonalds but cheaper) to buy a hamburger before classes. I handle the guy at the cashier my creditcard but it didnt work(what?), first i thought it was broken but then i remember that it could be that i didnt have enought money on the card and i didnt had any cash on me… we tried a couple of times and also to write the nummer on  card into the computer but it didnt work… Then the guy in the cashier took his card and paid for MY hamburger! So nice! Almost one hour payment he give away! Of course i went back later to pay him back, he refused and said it was a merry christmas present but after 3-4 tries i finally took my money! Such a hero! Thanks Marc at Jack and the box, you made my day!

Movie of the week I got posted on facebook from Wasse, thanks! :) Very fun! Hope Obama wins big time, i have finally bought a obama t-shirt, will wear it the 4 of November when the American election is!

Pretty much everywhere, it’s gonna be hot.

Hehe! This movie have made me laugh many times! Thanks Adam! This is a recut version of Pretty much everywhere, it’s gonna be hot. Going to Big Island to see vulcanos in 3hours, need to pack my bag now! Will hopefully upload some nice pictures on monday or tuesday! Have a nice weekend everyone!