kempegreat roadtrip!

Oooo! I had a very long day today… woke up with a hangover or still drunk I dont know but anyway went out surfing to try get fit, then I had school 13:00-20:10, the last 3 hours in school we had no AC and the fan was out of order so it was unbelievable hot… so it is very nice to be at home now, just eaten and taking a shower, now I just need some sleep and then I am back on track again :)

On saturday I was not supposed to go out because we planned to make a roadtrip on Sunday, but we met some norwiegans and went to their party just 3 floor under us, it was 30 Norwiegen, 3 Americans and 2 Swedes there. It is strange to improve norwiegen in hawaii, make sense? I can almost understand now :P But it is crazy with all the scandinavien so this week I tried extra hard to get know some non-Scandinaviens… and it works quite well actually! wiihoo! Didnt flew half the globe to speak Swedish :) Dont understand me wrong, many of the Scandinaviens here are really great!

On Sunday we(me and my roomies) rented a jeep and drove around the island… it was really a nice trip! It looks much different on the countryside compared to Honolulu. We visited Sandy beach, Northshore and made some short stops to just look around.

Beautiful scenery!

Tomorrow I will try to get up really early to go out surfing, hopefully around 7am, because then I can get the best surfingspots(where the waves breaks first), it is hard get a lot of good waves to practise on when it is a lot of people out there.

hang loose :)