Na Pali coast on Kauai

Today we had an amazing day on a catamaran on Na Pali coast on the west side of Kauai. The weather was perfect, we saw dolphines from 1meter distance swimming in front of the boat for several minutes, we saw turtels, beautiful high green mountains coming up from the water with high waterfalls, we saw a whale blowing water from the blowhole. In the afternoon we went to the beach for some beachtennis and bodyboarding! Best day in a very long time! Tore and Aina says greetings to you all! On monday Wasse and Jöne arrive in Honolulu, bring suncreen, flip-flops and shorts, the forecast is 27degress and sunshine everyday next week :)

Going back to Honolulu tomorrow so will soon be able to upload some pictures! Hang-loose!


We are now on Kauai… We are all doing great! I forgot my usb-cable to transfer pictures from my camera to the computer so you have to wait a bit before seeing of my mum and dad and beautiful Kauai.

Today we went to Waimea Canyon, it is called the Pacific Canyon and is very beautiful with waterfalls and deep valleys. Yesterday we went to Hanauma Bay, it is a wonderful national park on Oaho, I was very lucky to see a turtle when I was snorkeling.

Hope to be able to upload some pictures soon! We are all having a great time! Aloha!

Movie of the week – Piratbay

In Hawaii we dont hear much about the IPRED but i guess it is a big question in Sweden now? Is this rule really going to change anyway, i dont think so? This movie from Piratebay is 1year old but still interesting and in English. Piratebay became 5years old in November and have over 20million users.

Roadtrips and Oneill World Cup

We had Thanksgiving last week so we got 2days off from school, which was a perfect time to travel around the island. I went with my classmate Jennell on Thursday to Mokuleia and Waimea beach to just look around and throw some frisbee and tennis ball in the water! It was great times with fresch grilled schrimps and jumping from cliffs and just explore places on the island we never went before. Around Mokuleia I think some episodes of Lost is recorded, the nature was amazing!

The day after me, Jennell and her roommate String first to Makapuu beach to do some body boarding and just chill out in the sun. At Makapuu beach you can see the lighthouse from the movie “50 first dates”. Afterward we went to Kailua beach and then home again. Unfortunately our car has no half-light, just the full light so I am a bit worried about driving when it is dark.

Saturday was a rainy day. Stayed in bed for a long time and watched The Shawshank Redemption for my second time, one of the best movies ever! On Saturday we also went to a house party, it was great!

On Sunday we went to O’Neill World Cup and Northshore, me, Karel, Marc and a Hawaiian guy Ross who lives one floor above us. It was huge waves up there and fun to watched for a while. I think this competition was one of the biggest so I guess we are going for another one soon again.

Next week is the finals, so going to be a bit busy for a while now. Then my parents are coming on the 12 of December and then Wasse and Jöne on the 22 of December. Christmas on Hawaii, think it is going to be Übercool :)


“Happiness is only real when shared” – Into The Wild

“Rikedom är sådant man har som man inte kan köpa för pengar” – Okänd

“Lycka är ett resultat av uppoffringar” – VP

“Man får inte vara dum om man ska vara lat” – Johan Västfält

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