30hours remaning…

Wiihoo, finally starting to get a bit nervous and very excited about the trip… Tomorrow is going to be a stressful day of packing and preparing… By now all of my clothes is spread out all over the floor, so tomorrow i need to decide what will have to come with me and what i need to leave behind!

Last couple of days I been working at my mum school! Really interesting! I think everybody should work a couple of days at a school every 5th year or so to see how generations differs from each other! One out of many funny thing was when a 6-year old kid swinged in rope with a car tire in the end of the rope saying “Lets record this and put it on YouTube!”… When I was 6 years old it was totally different, todays kids will be so used to technology and change in general so im already getting afraid of them :D

I also went to Jönköping for some party and to say good bye to friends! Really great and thanks for the great night together guys, im going to miss you, but im not going to miss rainy Jönköping, sorry! 30+ degress in California is much better! :)

Today I got in contact with a 2nd year student at my school that i could join in her car from San Francisco to Davis, everyone at school seems to be very helpful and kind! Just posted a questions about how to get from the SF airport to Davis and got like 5 answers in less than 5 min, awesome!

So to explain my route to SF, my brother will drive me to Göteborg-airport(landvetter) inhuman early on thursday, the plane departure at 06:25 in the morning from Göteborg and will first make a stop in Amsterdam for 3.5hours before flying straight to SF, arriving 13:20 local time. Think I will take two sleeping pills and two painkiller so I will able to sleep the whole way from Amsterdam to San Francisco since it will take 11hours, just hoping that I will not snore too load! :) Thinking if there is any typical Swedish I can bring put dont come up with something, been having the same problem before… Anyone having suggestions of something typical Swedish to bring?

Hmm, YES tomorrow i get to vote in the Swedish election, my voting card came today… have two options but still not sure what/who to vote for!

Ok, time to get some sleep soon! Next time I update this blog will be from CALIFORNIA!! :) Bye Sweden, Hello America!


It is late… been working on moving this hompage from one webhotel to another for 5hours now and finally it starts to look good! I also bought a new 1TB hard drive to make a backup of everything in case my laptop get stolen while i am abroad. Dont want to loose my digital life, so it has been a really geeky day today :)

Going to write a blog/diary during my time abroad so my family and friends can see how it is to be studying at UC Davis. And I also starting to get bad memory, so need a place to go back to when i want to remember all the cool things I have done! :P

Ok, today I tried to search for accommodation, thought it would be great to post an ad on craigslist (like the Swedish Blocket), but at the last step of the procedure they ask for my mobile number to confirm my existence, and since I can not receive text messages with my American phone from Sweden so it was a big fail. Tomorrow I need to put more work into finding an apartment and less into making a nice homepage ^^

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