nobody fucks with John McCain :)

I must first tell what happened to me today! I went to Jack In The Box (like mcdonalds but cheaper) to buy a hamburger before classes. I handle the guy at the cashier my creditcard but it didnt work(what?), first i thought it was broken but then i remember that it could be that i didnt have enought money on the card and i didnt had any cash on me… we tried a couple of times and also to write the nummer on  card into the computer but it didnt work… Then the guy in the cashier took his card and paid for MY hamburger! So nice! Almost one hour payment he give away! Of course i went back later to pay him back, he refused and said it was a merry christmas present but after 3-4 tries i finally took my money! Such a hero! Thanks Marc at Jack and the box, you made my day!

Movie of the week I got posted on facebook from Wasse, thanks! :) Very fun! Hope Obama wins big time, i have finally bought a obama t-shirt, will wear it the 4 of November when the American election is!