movie – math 2=1

This friday I post a nice math trick which proves that 2=1. Of course it is not possible that 2=1, so can you tell me what is wrong in his way of proving 2=1?

The first five guys to solve it, will get a hand written post card from hawaii! :) good luck!

disclaimer: just 1 postcard per person and home


2 girls 1 cup song

This is a love song inspired by the famous “2 Girls 1 Cup” video. For those who havnt seen the “real” 2 Girls 1 Cup video I strongly recommend to not see it. But most likely you all have heard about it… listen to the lyrics it is quite fun :P


Movie of the week! Gunvald Larsson

I spend some time on youtube today to find a good moveclip, but i couldnt find anyone that i am 100% satisfied with but this one is pretty cool. It is in Swedish and it is the best of gunvald larsson (Mikael Persbrandt), enjoy!

Sorry that you have to wait for the surfermovie, it will probably not come in a while so dont expect too much :) By the way, today I am celebration 1month on Hawaii!! Times goes fast like and arrow ;)

Friday! – Firework from balcony!

Movie of the week is filmed from our balcony! Marc my roomate recorded it last friday… Today we took some pictures of it… It is really cool that we can see it every friday at 20:00 from our balcony :)

I just uploaded the movie on youtube and linked it in here so it may take some time for youtube to process the movie… Dont know really since it is the first time I uploaded something on youtube, how long time does it normally take?

Friday – Surfermovie!

Unfortunately I destroyed my surfboard yesterday but I bought a repair kit today so I will try to repair it tomorrow, it is just 3 holes in it :) So while you waiting for my first surfing video which probably not will come this month I post a video of Laird Hamilton which is one of the best big wave surfers ever! Soo big waves! Unbelievable!

Movie of the week

Weehoo! I think it is time to start to write in English now… I post a short video-clip from youtube or another live streaming video homepage on Internet every friday. This one I got posted on my funwall on facebook, I like it a lot :)