It is late… been working on moving this hompage from one webhotel to another for 5hours now and finally it starts to look good! I also bought a new 1TB hard drive to make a backup of everything in case my laptop get stolen while i am abroad. Dont want to loose my digital life, so it has been a really geeky day today :)

Going to write a blog/diary during my time abroad so my family and friends can see how it is to be studying at UC Davis. And I also starting to get bad memory, so need a place to go back to when i want to remember all the cool things I have done! :P

Ok, today I tried to search for accommodation, thought it would be great to post an ad on craigslist (like the Swedish Blocket), but at the last step of the procedure they ask for my mobile number to confirm my existence, and since I can not receive text messages with my American phone from Sweden so it was a big fail. Tomorrow I need to put more work into finding an apartment and less into making a nice homepage ^^

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