Back at San Francisco Airport

Last night was an incredible night, almost half of my class joined for a Scavenger Hunt(skattjakt). We biked around campus/town and took pictures of different building, cows, trees, bridges ect. On most of the pictures someone in each team has to be in picture so we made a couple of really nice pictures! Unfortunately we did not won but it doesnt matter. Afterward we headed to a bar and it was really nice evening to get to know my classmates in a more informal way! We definitely have a lot of fun guys in the class :P

This morning I woke up with a huge hangover, ready to leave for Hawaii :) My flatmate drove me to the Sacramento Airport which is only about 25min cardrive from Davis. Thanks Jack! The first plane was a propeller aircraft, it felt like a toy aircraft :) And now i am back at San Francisco Airport and will leave to Hawaii in about 45min… So next update at the blog will be from the paradise! ALOHA!!!