Aloha state! hang loose!

Hawaii hawaii hawaii… the aloha state! the hang loose state! the paradise island! beautiful weather! the best place on earth?

Time have went by so fast here! im staying on hawaii at one of my best friends, jennell lewis! she is awesome!! we been spending a lot of time at the beaches here, waikiki, waimea, sunset, northshore, sandys, ala moana, lanakai etc… a good friend of mine from when i studied on Malta have been here for 5days so i have also been spending a lot of time with him and his girlfriend! Dominik is his name and is a very friendly and great guy from Switzerland! such a nice coincidence that we both went here at the same time! he went home today and starts working on monday so im a bit worried about how he will manage the jetlag :)

it is a bit strange to be back, but i appreciate it more this time… i almost forgot how beautiful it is here and how perfect the weather is… always 28degree celsius (82farenheit) during the day and 24degree (75farenheit) during the night, it can not be better! jennell is the president for the hiking club on hawaii pacific university so was helping her one day at campus to recruit people for the club! jennell is really good public speaker so when she left for class i had to stand there alone and i was afraid! :) maybe 100people signed up when i stood there, first i didnt really enjoy it but in the end it went very good and then i did not want to stop :P

i also been seing a few old hawaiin friends and also being out to nightclubs/bars when jennell have been working. Today we rented a car for two days so tomorrow we will probably go hiking early in the morning and then later to beach! ooo, and i also been participating in the tv-show hawaii five-o! i was sitting on a bench reading a book at ala moana beach when they came with cameras and stuff so i asked if i should move but they said that it would be perfect if i could sit there and read to make the show more realistic… so maybe you will see me in episode 6 :)

On tuesday evening im going back to Davis and then school will start next week! i want to stay on hawaii longer but at the same time im also very curious about starting school! but first this weekend my class will do a trip to Lake Tahoe, hiking, fishing, drinking and having fun.

hang loose! enjoy life! aloha mahalo! click link below to see more photos!

Hawaii September 2010 Gallery