Lots of things have happens since my last blog post.
1. Found a place to stay. I live together with two graduate student on Drake drive 1441(link), it is located 8min bike ride to campus, 15min to my building on campus, 1min to a small “shopping center” with panda express, safeway, big5 and a drug store(apotek). I have my own room which is around 12m^2 with a bed, a desk, two chairs, a shelf and a closet. It cost $450/month, the landlord is really nice and just 1min walk to a bustop that takes me Sacramento(30min). In the area around there is also pools and tennis courts. Also a lot of students lives in this area so im totally satisfied.

2. School started! Ok school is even more professional than i thought, many of my classmates have 5 years of working experience. It is ranked nr 9 public school in USA. Most teachers are from Stanford, Harvard, London Economic school ect. The first day in school everyone had suit, except from me, culture shock? :) when they ask for one unique thing about each person i answered that im the only one wearing jeans today :P i really like to be here, i think i will learn so much this semester on so many different levels. Students pay around $50000/year for this school and most of them had to go to interview to get accepted. I really did not expect it to be so professional. In the lobby I met a guy that looked a bit lost and i asked him if he is also a student here, he answered “no, i will never get in, this school only taking the best ones”. It was in this moment i realized how lucky i am to be here to be able to learn from great teachers and experienced classmates. It is going to be an amazing semester! We are about 60people in our class, 25% females, just 2 exchange but maybe 20 internationals.

3. I went to Sacramento for some sightseeing and shopping. The shopping was not successful, i did not buy anything at all actually. The city center is kind of boring, at least during the day. It feels like all the stores has closed down in town and moved to big shopping malls just outside town. But i went to the state government building. Since Sacramento is the capital of California, Sacramento has a congress, senate and a office for governor Arnold Schwarzenegger :) It might be difficult to see but this is his office, click on the picture to make it bigger! For more picture from Sacramento go to the Gallery!

4. Drinking, BBQ and Swedish flipcup. Been to a BBQ, really nice people and nice food. We played beerpong, flipcup and another game i dont remember the name of. I taught them how to play Swedish flipcup but they americanized it to make it a mix between american flipcup and swedish flipcup, still fun though! i guess im not so good in explaining the swedish flipcup rules in english :)

Haha, so spontaneous and crazy! Some of the events/activities during the orientation week is not for exchange students, so i have a gap of a couple of days and then a few days of writing resumes and cover letters which i dont have to go to if i dont want to. So instead i will go to Hawaii for 10days :) Booked the tickets yesterday and will go on saturday, costs $360dollar for a return ticket, pretty sweet :) PARADISE! Im coming back! :) On a beach in hawaii…