We bought a car!

Wiihoo! We bought a car! Just $500! Unfortunatly I got no picture of our cool car but I will upload a picture soon. It was our landlord who asked us if we wanted to buy a car from a friend of her so me and Karel went to Salt City and bought it! We all 4 in our apartment is sharing it, I think the insurance is going to be around $50/month but we are allowed to drive 30days without registration and insurance.

The car has a new cd-player, 105,1 is the hawaiian radio channel :) I didnt thought it would be so great with a car but it is super! We feel more like locals and can go to the nice beaches so convinient. Sarah just got a job in a surfshop so we can also burrow racks for free so we can bring our surfboard on the top of the car so we can go surfing wherever we like :)

This weekend we were at Northshore and to Sandy Beach.

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Soon it is also time for mid-term exams in school. Next week I will have 2 exams, 2 quizzes and 1 paper to write. I dont know why they give us so much to do! Anyway I guess it feels good to actually be learning something :P

This song should supposed to be one of the most popular songs on the northshore. I thought they would play more Jack Johnson here, but I havnt heard him so much yet.