San Francisco Airport!

Sitting at the airport, just arrived, im totally tired and totally happy :) The travel went very very good! It all started from home around 03:30 from home to the airport! On the first flight to Amsterdam I slept the whole way, in Amsterdam I had around an 2 hour to kill. But Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) is huge, so it was no problem to kill some hours there… I saw that McDonalds had easypay machines, where you put in your order in a computer, pay by yourself, get a number and you can just go and get your food, so of course I had to try it :) The world is just getting more and more efficient, soon we dont need any social contact with other people, so sad!

The next flight was much longer, 11hours, we got food almost immediately and with the food I took my painkillers and sleeping pills and woke up 4 hours later :) Then it was just around 5-6hours left, so I watched The Blind Side, the new Shrek Movie, some comedy show, Tiesto Asia Tour and played Tetris and Who Wants to be a Millionaire… The Blind Side get 9 out of 10 points and Shrek 6 out of 10! For everytime I fly long flight, they just getting better and better in entertainment system, now everyone had their on joystick and screen to play games on! I talked to one of the stewardess and she thought it was more fun before when everyone watched the same so once in a while there was a huge laugh in the crowd aboard:)

Entering the US was okey! Always a long line and a lot of waiting, but im not in a hurry so thats good! Just fixed a new american number since my old one apparently had expired, so now my new cell is 415-987-2968.

In a couple of hours I will take the train to something called Rockridge where a 2nd year student at my University will pick me up and hopefully I could also sleep at one of her friends place until I found my own place to stay, so super kind and helpful. Just posted an add on Craigslist (Like Swedish Blocket, hope I will get some offers by tomorrow, here is the add:

My stomach starts to make strange sounds now, so I better go and eat my first food in America, hmm 5 dollar footlong at Subway? Jack in a Box? Or Carls Jr? Hmm, there is so many good fast food restaurants here, so it is hard to choice :)