It is late… been working on moving this hompage from one webhotel to another for 5hours now and finally it starts to look good! I also bought a new 1TB hard drive to make a backup of everything in case my laptop get stolen while i am abroad. Dont want to loose my digital life, so it has been a really geeky day today :)

Going to write a blog/diary during my time abroad so my family and friends can see how it is to be studying at UC Davis. And I also starting to get bad memory, so need a place to go back to when i want to remember all the cool things I have done! :P

Ok, today I tried to search for accommodation, thought it would be great to post an ad on craigslist (like the Swedish Blocket), but at the last step of the procedure they ask for my mobile number to confirm my existence, and since I can not receive text messages with my American phone from Sweden so it was a big fail. Tomorrow I need to put more work into finding an apartment and less into making a nice homepage ^^

That all for today! Dont forget to subscribe on the right hand side so you get an email everytime I post something!

I am still alive!

Today it is one year since the last time I updated this blog. Just want everyone to know that I am still alive! ^^

To celebrate the first post in one year here comes my favorite youtube video at the moment. It is a parody of The Lonely Planet – I am on a boat. Enjoy!

And by the way, I am probably going to University of California, Davis this Fall. Then I will for sure be more frequent with updates! Bye for now!

Back in Sweden… in a slushy Jönköping!

To be back in Sweden and Jönköping was actually harder than I thought… The flight home was not too bad even though it took 44hours to get from Hawaii and home with all the stops. Thanks to the sleeping pills, I even forgot to eat! :)

When we came under the clouds in Stockholm I became quite depressed and the following week I slept almost all the time… But since the beginning of last week I feel stronger for everyday! yeah!

The last time in Hawaii was really amazing, I got a bit sick the last days but except from that we had a “rat deltic” time or as it is really spelled rätt dölig! So happy that my parents and Wasse and Jöne came and visited me, think we all enjoyed it very much!

It was sad to leave Hawaii and often I am thinking about going back but next time I go abroad I want to experience something other, but it will be hard to beat Hawaii… Thanks to all people which made the time in Hawaii so great! Thanks a lot!

Here are the last pictures from Hawaii…

Dont know what I will be writing about now but I will update the blog once in a while!


Christmas in movie! and is it 2009 now?

The three videos below is from our christmas celebration. First we went to drink a cocktail just next to the water and enjoyed some funny Hawaiian music :)

On the way to the restaurant we saw some crazy japanese people in the trollys, screaming and shouting :)

At the restaurant we had the coolest chef ever, Jet is da name!

On New Year we went to Waikiki to see the fireworks, it was one of the best fireworks i ever seen, after the celebration we spend some time on the beach talking to people before we went to a club.

Only 1 week left now and starting to get worried about how cold it actually is in Sweden right now…

No time to write more, most enjoy the last time :)

Aloha! and happy new year!

Na Pali coast on Kauai

Today we had an amazing day on a catamaran on Na Pali coast on the west side of Kauai. The weather was perfect, we saw dolphines from 1meter distance swimming in front of the boat for several minutes, we saw turtels, beautiful high green mountains coming up from the water with high waterfalls, we saw a whale blowing water from the blowhole. In the afternoon we went to the beach for some beachtennis and bodyboarding! Best day in a very long time! Tore and Aina says greetings to you all! On monday Wasse and Jöne arrive in Honolulu, bring suncreen, flip-flops and shorts, the forecast is 27degress and sunshine everyday next week :)

Going back to Honolulu tomorrow so will soon be able to upload some pictures! Hang-loose!


We are now on Kauai… We are all doing great! I forgot my usb-cable to transfer pictures from my camera to the computer so you have to wait a bit before seeing of my mum and dad and beautiful Kauai.

Today we went to Waimea Canyon, it is called the Pacific Canyon and is very beautiful with waterfalls and deep valleys. Yesterday we went to Hanauma Bay, it is a wonderful national park on Oaho, I was very lucky to see a turtle when I was snorkeling.

Hope to be able to upload some pictures soon! We are all having a great time! Aloha!