homework and turtles

Hey everyone!

Life in Hawaii is getting serious :) We got plenty of homework and most of it is just reading a book and then get quizzes on it… Since I read so slowly in English it takes forever and it is so many other things which is more fun than studying but i try my best. Compared to Sweden it is more homework and the result from the homework also counts in the final grade. Attendence is also important to get good grades.

This Monday I saw my first turtle in my life it weight around 90kg and were 80years old(a chinese guy at the beach told me) they are supposed to become 230kg and 500years old. Cool animal!

I also went the second time to Northshore. This time the waves had become bigger but not as big they are going to get in the winter… At the beach Oakley, Volcom and other brands have houses were the surfers can live while they are practising. Jack Johnsson is also living there :)

This weekend we are thinking about going on a fishing trip but not sure yet.

Oohh, big news! The food court I have been talking about have 50% off the last 15min before they close… which means super cheap food! guess who has been there every evening? :)