hiking in hawaii

This weekend started with the first friday of the month party in downtown. It was great! The bar is outside and it was raining a little bit. But it is just good that it rains a bit since the rain is not heavy and it is so warm so it is just refreshing with some waterdrops.

On saturday we had a full day on the beach, playing beachvolleyball, soccer and throw some frisbee. Great day! Actually one of the first days which I just relaxing on the beach… nice!

Yesterday(sunday) we went for hiking, to hike up for the highest mountain on oahu! I think the trip took around 5hours up and down. Today my legs are a bit sore but i feel supriseingly fresch today! :) The view from the mountain was amazing! really beautiful to be walking on the trail and then see the scyscrapers in Honolulu, the diamond head. On the top of the mountain we had a beautiful view 360degree and could see most of oahu island. Look the pictures and video! In total I have uploaded 19pictures from the hike:

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