Big island part 2/3

We woke up at 9am on saturday, after breakfast and some planning we first went to Captain Cook Monument, i think the only possibility to get there is from the water, we rented cajaks to go monument. But the way there the most incredible cool amazing thing happened :) More than 20 dolphines showed up next to our cajaks, omg! ^^ We looked at them jumping and playing in the water, then me and another guy jumped in to the water with our snorkel equipment and there we were, dolphines next to us and under us, we couldnt touch them but we got maybe 1-2meter from them, yeah! Shitty that no one of us has a underwater camera so we couldnt make any pictures of it but it will always be our my memories :)

At the captain cook monument there were also an amazing snorkling spot with beautiful fishes, probabely the best snorkling i have been to, the coral was living and all kind of colorful fishes…

We stayed at the monument for a long time so the only thing we had time to do before it got dark was to visit the black sand beach, it was cool and of course i had to take a swim there(even if it was cold), the sand is similiar to normal sand but sandcorn is a bit sharper, when i sat on my knees it was hurting :)