Big island part 1/3

This weekend we were at Big Island! It was an amazing trip! Just 3 days but anyway i think i am going to write about in 3 parts. I skipped my first class in hawaii this friday!(very proud about that:) because we went by plane at 05:20 in the morning. We had to leave home at 03:00 so I just got 1 hour sleep… :S

Of course i slept the whole 45min flight, then we got our minibus, we were 6people in our car. Then we went to see a vulcano garden, the garden was nothing special but on the way there we went trough a jungle and could swing in the liana, that was cool! Then we went to the vulcano national park which was fu, we had a crazy guide :) He talked about some survivor programs he has been in on discovery channel and how bullshit they are, they actually slept in a hotel every night and could get food whenever they liked so remember, dont believe in what you see on TV.

After the vulcano national park we went to a place were it was kilometers of lava stones/rocks, it was beautiful, i never thought the stones would be so sharp, almost like glass.

Then in the afternoon/evening we went to see the active vulcano, we couldnt get really close but we saw the red lava and everything and is was beautiful, like a firework that never ends but more calm, relaxing and majestic! Look the pictures and the movie!

see also this movie of the crazy american mouse!

When we then went home in the middle of the night we stopped out in the nowhere to pee. When I looked up in the sky it was stunningly clear! I later learned that the sky here is the clearest in the world so a lot of people go here to watch the stars and do research about it. Anyway it was the most beautiful sky I ever seen!

We finally arrive at our hostel just as they were suppose to close the office at 10pm. After a short stop at mc donalds we all fall a sleep very quick after a long day… to be countinued!