3 months left in paradise… :)

The time goes really fast, just 3months left… It has been a wonderful time so far with a lot of new impressions, experiences, meetings with new people and cultures. I like it a lot!

Yesterday we went to a houseparty with some Hawaiians and Americans, it was nice, the age-limit is 21 for bars and clubs so that why it is more houseparty here than in Sweden i guess! Tonight we are going to a hula hula party in a friend apartment:) Going to be interesting, will have to go and buy some sexy hola hola clothes later! :P

I also booked a flight to Big Island, which is the island with vulcanos so we are going there on friday morning and till stay until sunday evening. Will go there with some Germans from my communication and culture class, think it is going to be cool! Really looking forward for my first travel to an other island here!

Now it is time to eat, then go surfing! Aloha!