2months left! big island! obama! shangri la!

A short update about what is going on here. Today 2months left on Hawaii… My roomate Marc friend from Sweden came here on saturday and explained to us how the weather is back in Sweden… It is good to get reminded about it so you can appreciate the time here better, be able to just walk around with shorts on, flip-flops, and take a swim in the blue whenever you like :)

Sue, thanks you so much for the birthday postcard, it was great! I have to start to write mine soon for to the winners in the math competetions! soon, soon…

The big island trip seems like so long time ago now but i have to finish my last part. The last day we went to Wapio valley and went with ATVs(fyrhjulingar) for a 3hour trip. It was so much fun! I drove just behind  our young tourguide and we made small jumps and everything, sweet! We saw Hawaiis highest waterfall but also some smaller once were only the king and queen of Hawaii were able to take a bath before.

Obama won! not so much change yet but i think it will come, 20 of january maybe! I thought it would be more celebration here since obama grow up on Hawaii. In America they are making so much fun of Sarah Palins at the moment, it is fun but not really what i expected!

We went on a school trip to shangri la last friday… it is a islamic style house build by Doris Duke. Pretty cool but the guide were soo slow and we also had a security guard all the time around us, America fuck yeah!

School stuff: Last week I had a mid-term and a oral presentation and today one mid-term and on wednesday one more mid-term. But after that I will have “relaxing” time until december! :)

Over and out boy scout!