sunset and tennis

Today it is Labor day in USA which is similiar to 1 of May in Sweden. So because of that school starts tomorrow(tuesday). I am really excited about it! Tomorrow I will have Principles of Microeconomics(14:05-15:30) and Communication and Culture(17:15-20:10). I really hope that I will have nice classmates.

Yesterday I found tennisracquets on to and went to Waikiki to buy the racquets. The ones who wanted to sell the racquets were from Ohia and were just on Hawaii for the summer. So I asked them if they got more things to sell so I got all the things on the left pictures below for just $60(390sek), nice! Yesterday evening and today evening we have been practising, it is very fun to play tennis! It is also good that it is electrical light on the tennis court so we can play when the sun is set.

And about the sunset, I have to show you all our sunset view from our lovely balcony! It is wonderful! But I prefer seeing the sunset from a surfboard on the water, hehe…

Oohh, and about surfboards a picture with me and my beautiful surfboard! :D

Tomorrow morning it is time to surf and then first day in school! Next time I will tell you about the food court we have just 5min walk from our home, it is like heaven! :) And of course about the first time in school, someone told me today that it is around 400 students from Sweden(can it be true?) on my university(Hawaii Pacific University), not what I expected but I cant stop smiling anyway, hawaii is fantastic… Cheerio!